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May 2016

How Our School to Career Program Connects Students to the “Real World” II

We are taking a different approach to this month’s article. In April, we explored the School-to Career (STC) partnership between the schools and the businesses/organizations in town. This month we wanted to share how this work is directly impacting our students in their own words. The opportunities that are available to Terryville High School students are exciting and we are proud to share this small window into their experiences. Throughout the article you will hear from a previous graduate and current upper classmen and we hope their stories leave you inspired and proud of our kids and their work.

“Through STC, I have been motivated toward the medical field. Without the countless field trips to hospitals and the Internship I was able to participate in, I would be unaware of the passion I have for nursing. The medical field is diverse and vast. In my internship at Bristol Hospital I worked in both the lab and a Med Surge floor. Opportunities are seemingly endless in this profession, a reason of why I enjoy it so much.” Allison Trudeau, Senior.

“After doing a job shadow with Mr. Milne, it made me realize that there is so much more opportunity for me to pursue my dream of working outside and improving the environment.” Jared Cabrila, Senior

“STC has helped me to better myself. Without this opportunity that is here for all students at THS, I would have never started the Walk for Diabetes. I learned leadership doesn’t come without hard work and a helping hand from your peers.” Milyssa Raboin, Senior “During the engineering job shadows to AMCI and Arthur Russell, I was exposed to the differing roles an engineer will potentially play. It further inspired me to try my best so I can find a job like the ones I shadowed. From visiting 2 companies I was able to connect my experiences and expand my thoughts.” Aaron Mantoni, Junior.

“Being a mentor in the Fresh Start program has taught me it’s still about the group as a whole and not the individual. It is when everyone is participating and collaborating that is most important” Andrew Berman, Senior My job shadow with the Plymouth Police helped me to realize even more that my future career is as a police officer. I was even able to “ride along” with 2 different officers.” Kaylee Rideout, Senior.

“My participation in the hospital internship program showed me that I do not prefer the hospital setting and made me realize I want to continue in the medical field but in my own practice as a pediatrician” Erka Mullaj, Senior.

“Through the various STC programs such as Fresh Start, Leo Club, Internship, Advisory, Local Prevention Council and community service opportunities, I have not only been able to succeed but also find myself within these halls. I mean it when I say the STC program acts as nothing less than a catalyst for student development. I feel personally honored to be so involved in the day to day operations and give back.” Aaron Saindon, Senior.

“The trip to UCONN Health Center made me see all of the different career opportunities in the medical field and how vast the list is. I want to become a trauma nurse and possibly continue to be an emergency room doctor.” Kyle Hotchkiss, Junior.

“STC enables every student to find their place for the next four years of their life. For that reason I joined the LEO Club and became a leader in not only the club but other aspects of my life. I was able to become a part of a life-changing organization that would guide me throughout my future in and out of THS.” Kolbe Brenner, Senior.

“The mock interviews were beneficial to me in the way that they prided me with an accurate understanding of how a real interview plays out. Based on the knowledge that I have attained from these mock interviews, I have successfully managed to get a job at my local Dunkin Donuts.” Jakob Buckley, Senior.

“STC came to me with an amazing local job opportunity, which at first I was hesitant to accept it, but it is the best job I could have ever imagined having as a student. I am a lead graphic designer at the Nutmeg Spice Company” Alex Ieronimo, Senior.

“The field trip to UCONN Health Center helped better my knowledge in the job that I want to do. It opened my eyes and showed me that there are many other options and experiences that I was not aware of prior to this trip… the speakers made me realize that you do not need to be a straight A student to become a doctor, you just need hard work, determination and passion for what you do.” Derek Thibodeau, Junior.

“My School-to-Career experience was one of the greatest assets I took with me to college. I was able to take leadership experiences through LEO Club and Fresh Start, amongst many other opportunities, and translate them into becoming a leader on my college campus. School-to-Career had a profound impact on who I am as an individual. As I look to now attend graduate school at Harvard University, I remember what STC instilled within me and look towards expanding upon those qualities as I continue forward in life.” Tyler Tarnowicz-THS graduate 2012.

We are excited about our continued work with our current business and community partners. We are always willing to explore new partnerships so please reach out to Lisa Aiudi at Terryville High School if you are a business or community organization and want to be a part of this fulfilling work. As always, we look to challenge, inspire and prepare all students towards a bright future.

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